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Alu-Rex Gutter-Clean

The Gutter Clean System® keeps leaves and debris from getting into and clogging the eavestroughs. It is installed over existing rain gutters, without replacing them. Its sturdy aluminum construction and the debris protection it provides make it the most widely installed product in Canada

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$ 4.89 CAD /Per Ft

Alu-Rex t-rex

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The T-Rex® is a continuous fastening system for eavestroughs. It mounts rain gutters solidly on houses, making them much sturdier and more long-lasting that those mounted with spikes and hangers spaced at intervals. The T-Rex continuous hanger™ system protects eavestroughs from damage caused by debris, snow, ice and UV rays.

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$ 5.26 CAD /Per Ft
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Alu-Rex DoublePro

DoublePro is a dual-action gutter protection system. It is built to stand up to the worst weather conditions in Canada and keep your gutter free of ice and debris year after year.

Starting from
$ 8.36 CAD /Per Ft
Strengthens gutters to support 250 lb per linear foot
Fastens gutters to the house
Replaces spikes and hangers
Protects gutters from pine needles
Protects gutters from leaves and debris
Can handle 29.7" (754 mm) of water per hour
Reduces problems with ice and snow
Warranty on material
Warranty on sturdiness
Clog-free warranty against leaves
Clog-free warranty against pine needles
Water diversion problems?
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Frequently Asked Questions
In 2012, Alu-Rex launched its Pro Series brand image to reinforce its business relationship with its network of professional installers. This logo thus represents the range of professional-standard products manufactured by Alu-Rex. Consequently, when you see the Alu-Rex Pro Series logo, you’ll know that you are purchasing professional-standard products that you can't install on your own. We wish to remind you though that professional installers are independent from Alu-Rex. It is your responsibility to select your installer carefully and check his credentials.
    Alu-Rex’s DoublePro, T-Rex and Gutter Clean System come with a hassle-free warranty. No other product offers such a guarantee!

    Covered by the Alu-Rex leaf guard warranty

    • Warranty on the material: Alu-Rex products will remain in good condition.
    • Warranty on the sturdiness: The DoublePro and T-Rex will strenghten your rain gutters.
    • Warranty on performance: Rain gutters won’t get clogged by leaves.
    • See full product warranty for further detail.
    • Warranty limitations relative to Alu-Rex rain gutter products

      • Coniferous tree zones: Not covered, only the DoublePro Microfiltration Continuous Hanger offers this protection.
      • Maintenance: It may be required from time to time to manually clean debris on the leaf guard in areas shielded from the wind. Be that as it may, the accumulation of debris in no way results in lower product performance.
      • Sturdiness, ice and snow: Our products reinforce rain gutters and protect them against ice and snow, although these components are not covered under the warranty.
      • Assurance that your eavestroughs will work efficiently!

        • More than 20 years on the market and over 250 million feet sold worldwide.
        • Virtually no complaint ever filed.
        • Best warranty on the market.
Given that they come with a warranty, Alu-Rex products are built to last and even extend the service life of your rain gutters. Professionals all over Canada have been installing our products over the past several years, they will reinforce and protect your eavestroughs for decades to come.

A warranty that is a testament to the quality of our products

The DoublePro, T-Rex and Gutter Clean System will last for a very long time as they come with a hassle-free warranty that covers the equipment itself and its performance. You can rest assured that you will get a top-quality, highly durable product. No other product can guarantee such a performance level!

Years of experience as evidence that our products will last

The first Alu-Rex products were installed in Canada more than 20 years ago and they are still as efficient to this day. Weather conditions in Canada are among the worst for rain gutters and yet the DoublePro, T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System are still thriving! More than 200 million feet (60 million meters) of Alu-Rex products installed worldwide can only be a testament to the outstanding durability of our products.

Alu-Rex’s DoublePro, T-Rex and Gutter Clean System are designed to last. As they are made of heavy-duty aluminum, they will never rust.
Most Alu-Rex products are not visible from the ground. Consequently, they will not change the looks of your residence. Additionally, they boast a handful of benefits when it comes to how your rain gutters will actually look.

Several aesthetic benefits

Blend in well with your existing rain gutters

Alu-Rex products cannot be seen from the ground and; therefore, do not alter the looks of your residence. While the T-Rex XL M-5800 is the only product visible from the ground, it comes in a variety of colors to match with your existing rain gutters. Allow hiding the interior of the eavestrough

Moreover, the DoublePro, T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System allow hiding the interior of your rain gutters. As a result, eavestroughs that are visible from inside your home will have a much nicer look than with spikes or hangers. The content of the rain gutter will no longer be visible as would be the case with a standard eavestrough filled with dead leaves, debris, and standing water.

Prevent other aesthetic-related problems

The DoublePro and T-Rex Continuous Hanger doesn’t require the use of spikes. The latter eventually rust and let drips of rust spoil the appearance of the eavestrough as they are visible to the naked eye. Yet another problem resolved thanks to the DoublePro and T-Rex hanger.

The Alu-Rex products are designed to adapt to the majority of eavestroughs. Most Canadian professionals install gutters that are 5” or 6” wide; consequently, the DoublePro and T-Rex Continuous Hanger was designed to adapt to these two models.

Designed for installing the rain gutters of your choice

Installing gutters with the T-Rex continuous hanger

The T-Rex continuous fastening system is perfect for 5” (12.7 cm) and 6” (15.2 cm) wide eavestroughs. Regardless of what your rain gutters are made of – steel, aluminum, zinc – we have the right T-Rex product just for you!

Installing the Gutter Clean System on existing rain gutters

In addition to being a perfect fit for 5” or 6” wide rain gutters, the Gutter Clean System also easily adapts to 4” (10.2 cm) eavestroughs, as it represents a length of products that were installed for a long time back then here in Canada. Therefore, if you wish to keep your existing gutters, we have the T-Rex product that will suit your needs.

As the DoublePro and T-Rex is a fastening system designed to be used with new rain gutters, it must be installed by a professional installer. As a result, you may not install it on your own because it is a rather complex process.

Installing new rain gutters with the DoublePro or T-Rex

When a professional installs your new rain gutters, he uses the T-Rex rather than spikes and standard hangers. You will thus have a high-quality, durable fastening system. In addition to acting as a continuous hanger that holds the eavestrough firmly to the residence, the T-Rex will also protect your rain gutter from dead leaves and debris.

Installing the Gutter Clean System on existing gutters

If you only want to purchase a leaf guard or do not wish to replace your existing gutters, opt for the Gutter Clean System. It will allow you to protect your eavestroughs from dead leaves and debris in addition to reinforcing them so that they can withstand the weight of ice and snow. It’s ideal for existing gutters.

Although Alu-Rex products don’t cause ice build-ups, they are not designed to prevent them from happening. Ice build-ups on roofs are rather caused by ventilation or insulation problems (Note: freeze/thaw cycles during winter will also cause build-ups) . When there is heat loss, the snow melts and freezes as it comes into contact with the roof overhang, which is colder. If you notice ice dams or icicles, it is recommended that you consult with an insulation and ventilation specialist.

Ice build-ups in rain gutters

Rain gutters with no leaf guard

If you don’t install a leaf guard, ice is very likely to form inside your eavestroughs until icicles appear, showing at the front of the gutter. Ice build-ups may then cause irreparable damage to your residence given the expansion and contraction that will occur during freeze-thaw activity.

Rain gutters with the Alu-Rex gutter guard

Thanks to Alu-Rex products, ice and snow which may have accumulated during winter will flow directly into the rain gutter when they melt or when it rains. This is why it is preferable to have ice accumulate on the product rather than inside the eavestrough. Your rain gutters will neither get damaged nor will they end up twisted following freeze/thaw activity.

Consequently, if you have problems with ice dams or icicles, you should first meet with a specialist who will advise you, namely, on how to properly insulate your roof or attic, or on whether you need to have a fan installed. These actions will allow you to avoid irreparable damage to your roof system, namely caused by water infiltration.

The T-Rex is first and foremost an alternative solution for fastening systems that use spikes or spaced hangers. It’s a more heavy-duty piece of equipment and it can withstand the weight of ice and snow, not to mention impacts caused by ice that can fall from the roof and damage your rain gutters.

Protection against ice and snow

The T-Rex continuous hanger is more durable and of a higher quality than are spikes or hangers. The T-Rex protects rain gutters against ice and snow, which would otherwise accumulate inside the eavestrough. Furthermore, ice that gets stuck in rain gutters will expand and contract with freeze/thaw activity, which will in turn twist the eavestrough and cause spikes and hangers to become loose. With the T-Rex system, ice and snow won’t even get inside your rain gutters.

No-clog hassle-free warranty

In addition, over time, new trees will eventually grow. Since the T-Rex is covered by a no-clog warranty, we know that it will remain in good condition for a long time, not to mention that it will extend the service life of your rain gutters. As a result, this feature adds yet another protection component against dead leaves falling from trees that will eventually grow on your property.

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