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Ingress / Egress Agreement

This TEMPORARY RIGHT OF ENTRY PERMIT (“Ingress/Egress Agreement”) is made and entered into on the _______th day of ____________ /2020 by and between PEACHEY CONTRACTING (hereinafter “CONTRACTOR”), and _________________________ (hereinafter “CLIENT”). 

The CLIENT grants permission to PEACHEY CONTRACTING, its employees and equipment a temporary permit of ingress and egress onto the property located at:


London, Ontario


For the purpose of _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ as part of the above mention project.

This temporary right to ingress and egress herein granted shall be exercised in such a manner as not to cause any unnecessary damage or destruction of any nature, and to not unnecessarily interfere with or interrupt the use of the remainder of the site location.

The temporary permit granted to PEACHEY CONTRACTING shall expire, 30-days following substantial completion of the project. Substantial completion of the project is tentatively scheduled for _______________________.

Construction activity shall be limited to the hours between 8 AM and 7PM.

The contract documents require the CONTRACTOR to maintain liability insurance to cover any damaged arising from the work on the property they control. A copy of the CONTRACTORS certificate of insurance shall be provided to the CLIENT upon request.

If for any reason the CLIENT TERMINATES this TEMPORARY RIGHT OF ENTRY  PERMIT (“Ingress/Egress Agreement”), before the scheduled Substantial completion date, the CLIENT AGREES the job will be deemed COMPLETED. Upon TERMINATION of this agreement, an Early Termination Fee (ETF) will be applied to the final invoice in the amount of $150 to cover all administrative and legal fees.  

The CLIENT hereby AGREES to the above terms and GRANTS permission to PEACHEY CONTRACTING, its employees and equipment ingress and egress onto the property listed above as SITE LOCATION.

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