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Just as your roof protects your home from above, your home’s siding is one of the key materials that protect it from the elements. Though the right types of exterior siding can last for up to 60 years, it’s not uncommon to need routine maintenance to keep it in good condition. Whether you need regular siding repair or maintenance, or new home siding replacement, Peachey Contracting can help. We do more than just roofing, but a range of exterior home renovations services as well – and siding is among our offerings.

Learn more about our home siding services in London and how we can improve the look of your home.

Whether it be from inclement weather or routine wear and tear, home siding repairs are often necessary over time. The weather in Southwestern Ontario can cause the siding to be damaged, regardless of the materials used. It is important that these home siding repairs be addressed in a timely manner. We can address any home siding issues such as bowing, rotting, or substrate damage. In addition to replacing or repairing any damaged siding, we’ll also make sure it’s properly sealed to eliminate any risk of mould growth or pest infestations. We also specialize in other types of exterior siding repairs, such as those involving flashing and fascia boards.

Benefits of Repairing Home Siding

The exterior of your home is exposed to the elements and can easily damage your siding. In addition to improving the aesthetic of your home, repairing the siding has many benefits such as:

  • Improving energy-efficiency
  • Reducing maintenance expenses in the future
  • Offering long-term protection
  • Improving weather resistance
  • Can increase the resale value
  • Helps to ensure the structural integrity of your home

House Siding Installation

When it comes time for new siding, a professional, quality, and efficient installation is just one phone call away. Contact Peachey Contracting today to set up a consultation and get an estimate on your exterior renovation project.

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